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Current state law requires motorists to stop for pedestrians waiting to cross at uncontrolled intersections -- even where there is no marked crosswalk. However, my experience has been that this law is routinely ignored. I suspect this is because most drivers (and most pedestrians) don't know the law. The Met Council can't tell police departments how to enforce this law, but it can participate in a campaign to educate the public about it. I can envision signs on buses, akin to the ones reminding drivers that buses pulling out from bus stops have the right of way. I think such an education campaign would really have an effect.

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Codin x over 5 years ago

In too many communities in the suburbs, people cannot avoid using a car to go shopping or run errands within walking distance, because there are no safe sidewalks to use! In some cases, only short sidewalks are needed to connect neighborhoods with existing bicycle/walking trails.

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Ryan Hill over 5 years ago

Increase the walkability of the urban cores by:

- investing in small green and blue (water) spaces,

- banishing surface parking,

- recommitting one-way streets to two-way,

- increase access to the river,

- encourage small-footprint commercial space at the street-level of urban apartments,

- sew the grid back together by reclaiming the city from the freeways.

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