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Ct x almost 5 years ago

More buses should go from North side all the way to South side Minneapolis and other areas of the twin cities to help improve commute times for people who have to travel far distances

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Dave Thiede almost 5 years ago

Many do not use Mass transit because of the inconvenience of getting from the bus or train to their final destination.  see www.muevs.com

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Greg Kraushaar almost 5 years ago

stop light rail...poor value

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light rail is a bad idea....more hiways

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Jennie x almost 5 years ago

We could use a good phone/web app for easily finding the best public transport routes. This could be modeled on the 511 app available in the San Francisco area. 

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As I see the Twin Cities is about to go through an LRT 'boom' so to speak, and having recently lived through Beijing's similar boom (on a bigger scale of course), I realize how important it is that we have a very easy-to-read and use map of our train system for foreigners to visit.  I'm sure we can find a way to combine our community-focus exceptionalism with a more 'outsider-friendly' set of information. This would also be great for encouraging people not from the cities in Minnesota to feel more comfortable using the trains and buses as well.

I do think the mapping system is sufficient for now, but I live (part-time) in the cities and I am very familiar with it. As we look ahead at the new trains and mapping, lets keep it as simple and friendly as possible.

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Hiawatha line stations have very limited park and ride facilities. Not everyone can walk or take the bus to the station. The Lake Street station has a large, free parking lot that fills up by 8:30 AM. After that, people park on the streets or in the school lot where transit parking is prohibited. There should be a free lot, but if it's full there could be an option to pay a dollar or two to park in an adjacent pay lot. The school has an unused playground and excess parking space that could be used for transit parking. If they charged a small fee they could perhaps make some money on the wasted space. 

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Alex Cecchini about 5 years ago

All this talk on here about different lines.. Green Line out to EP, expanding the BRT orange line to Lakeville to LRT, a LRT out to WI from St Paul, the Red Line down to Apple Valley/Lakeville.  Come on.  Why are any of us proposing $billion+ investments in transit that won't truly create better spaces and reduce our need for roads?  These transit corridors serve the daily commuter who has found their choice in location to be very stressful due to traffic in to Minneapolis/St Paul.  ON off-peak hours, they will hop in their car and drive to wherever they need to go, because 90% of the population the lines serve won't live within a mile of the stations and driving will just be easier (and yes, they'll continue to use the freeway system and then park in large parking lots at the restaurants/stores they shop at).

Meanwhile, someone living near LynLake needing to get to St Paul for their job (or entertainment, or whatever) must spend 55 minutes to an hour hopping on multiple buses to get there.  The drive, meanwhile, would be 20 minutes.  No wonder people still want to own cars if they live within 4 miles of downtown.

Let's focus on building a speedier, more efficient network of bus and rail within the city boundaries.  I'm talking about east of the chain of lakes, north of 50th (or so), across the river and through StThomas/Mac to St Paul.  I'm talking better linkage of NE Minneapolis to transit over to StP (CC will help, but we need more options, too).  Let's focus on onfill of these areas with both food, retail, and reasonable density offices that make living "near" where you work actually possible within the city limits of Minneapolis and St Paul.  Once that happens, THEN let's focus on less efficient LRTs out to suburbs like EP, Lakeville, Woodbury and do some infill there.

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Expand the high frequency network,the current buslines are inadequate with lines not connecting with each other and only of half of the buses are truly operating every 15mins to be useful and does not serve major desnitations every 15mins Some have too many branches and are confusing .Only #16/54/55 are truly high frequency for the entire route. Rt 6 too many branches and confusing (this busline does not need to run and duplicate services in SE) Rt 84 only 1/2 of the buses connect to LRT . Rt 21 onlly 1/2 of the buses connect to Snelling#84 . Rt 5 /19 all hi-freq need to go to Brookdale TC via 19H and 5 via Humboldt/57th to serve more areas and to eliminate duplication on Osseo serving more areas. Rt 515 offer 30mins services to MOA. Rt 10 offer 15" to 53rd Central.

Add rt 2 to join the HFN by adding Sat services every 15mins. why is 3/4 not listed.?Run rt3 via 6u

System map is too confusing with too many lines/bus routes with useless buslines that operate infrequently and competing with each other such as Cleveland Ave,Se Mpls .riders should not have to consult too many timetables
IN Brooklyn Ctr the Zane Ave#724 run to Dt during midday then riders have to check other express services peak services.

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Lamont x over 5 years ago

Offer a discount for monthly senior pass They should not be restricted during peak times.Senior will be encouraged to ride the bus instead of driving cars.

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