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Fehler x over 5 years ago

Much of the traffic backup on 394 is attributable to destinations past downtown Minneapolis.  The same is said for traffic coming south on I35W.  I suggest a new urban freeway connection, extending I-394 on a direct (if not necessarily a "freeway") connection over the Mississippi River, through Northeast Minneapolis, and connecting to I-35W somewhere between Hennepin and Johnson.

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David Greene over 5 years ago

Hennepin/Lyndale/Lowry Hill is a mess.  streets.mn recently had a great discussion about it:
I particularly like the suggestion by Alex.  A roundabout/traffic circle could create some nice public spaces.

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Idea: MN Hwy 95

Bill x over 5 years ago

Improve MN Hwy 95 from I94 to US10/61 to a four lane divided road.

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Once we have a comprehensive local and regional transit system in place, Minnesota could establish a tolling system for administering our highway infrastructure; a pay-as-you-go demand-side strategy that would cover the cost of maintaining our highways, un"socialize" the cost of suburban development, and supply a market-driven solution to traffic congestion.

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Natalia x almost 6 years ago

redo 494 694 94 interchange in woodbury, use flyover ramps

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