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Perry x about 5 years ago

I think a good start would be to elect people to the met council instead of having them appointed!

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The Twin Cities are a great destination for foreign tourists. It sometimes is hard to think it's anything special when you are in the Cities, but we take it all for granted. There is so much to see and enjoy in the Cities that seem almost impossible to find in most large cities in the U.S., and we need to make sure that as we continue developing our infrastructure we don't forget that trains and easy-to-read maps make everything all the more attractive and accessible to foreigners.

I hope that we can realize that we have a treasure of a city and don't only focus on the nearby community as we grow larger but keep in mind the others that will (and have started to) come in growing numbers will be heading home talking about their experiences there. Will they find the people friendly and it easy to get around without a car?

Part of the same idea, then, is just to make sure we are not just focusing on attracting tourism from the regional upper-midwest. Would it pay to have some brochures available in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Tokyo? Absolutely. The Twin Cities, with the trains and infrastructure development over the last decade, are truly becoming world-class cities, regardless of what the average person from say, Apple Valley, or Robbinsdale, might think.

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The ridership is very low at the state capitol area because of subsidized parking.Too mnay buildings were torn down for parking lots ,they are even using parkland for parkingThe city and state are losing revenue that private businesses could be paying taxes for the lost bldgs

The taxpayer are paying twice for free/cheap parking for Govt employees  while the bus riders get no tax break and cannot deduct bus passes .

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1. Prioritize bike infrastructure, light rail, buses, and electric/hybrid vehicle infrastructure over gas-dependent auto transportation. This is already achieved in Copenhagen and other Scandinavian cities, where bikes have right-of-way over cars. Give biking incentives!  It's way cheaper to support and maintain biking infrastructure than auto infrastructure. Create goals for the increased number of bikers you want to see on the trails and measure them!

2. Reduce the metro's dependence on dirty coal (primarily from Sherco Power Plant in Sherbourne County) and the pollution from that plant by developing wind, solar (minneapolis-st. paul is one of the sunniest areas in the country), hyrdroelectric, and other alternative energy sources

3. Create urban growth boundaries to promote a more vibrant core cities, curbing the negative effects of sprawl and preserving open space. Although some of this is already being done in metro, this needs to be more of a priority. Creating livable, walkable, mixed-use sustainable communities besides a well-preserved natural environment will attract significant human capital and economic capital investment. The more the metro government realizes the significance of developing infill sites in the core cities, the more it will understand that a successful Minneapolis-St. Paul core city region will fuel and even more successful ring of suburbs. Remove regulatory barriers to smart growth to make it easier, cheaper, and faster to develop the city you want (mixed-use, sustainable, livable), and more expensive, time-consuming, and harder to develop the city you don't want (low density sprawl).

4. Plant trees. Lots of them, especially in core urban areas. Pines, birches, aspen. This will add to the appeal of living in the cities and make them more vibrant. It also shows the metro's concern for the environment, as development over the last hundred years has displaced millions of trees in the area. It's simply the right thing to do, and it has economic and social benefits too. Think of the "broken window theory" in crime psychology. The better the neighborhood looks, the safer and more economically vibrant it wil be.

5. Make urban gardens and GREEN Roofs required with new development. Copenhagen, Denmark already has such a requirement.

6. Step up pollution contol enforcement and make water and air quality a priority


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Restructure the public financing of infrastructure expansions so that beneficiaries pay for the incremental costs in proportion to their benefit. Protect and continue the Fiscal Disparities Program but prohibit net FD transfers to high wealth communities, i.e., those with above-average property tax capacities from all property classes, including residential. Restrict the use of TIF to in-fill development and redevelopment, only, not fringe expansion. Maintain and stabilize a reasonable level of LGA; reduce complexity and depoliticize the LGA program. Reduce Met Council sewer connection charges or differentially charge for infill development where interceptors and lift stations already exist. Example, where interceptors and lift stations of adequate capacity exist, inside a reasonable Metro "service area", charge X dollars;  where infrastructure (interceptor and lift station) extensions are required, charge 2X or more--sufficient to cover the costs of the extension. Differential charges would not necesssarily apply to plant expansions. For arterial highway extensions and bridges, use combination of special assessments to benefitting properties and user tolls.

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Idea: broadband

Pete x over 5 years ago

Establish infrastructure for high-speed affordable broadband access in the Twin Cities by 2018, with a goal of making available ubiquitous high-speed broadband at a cost and speed at least equal to those in Paris, France (100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload for $35 a month).  See The Cost of Connectivity, New American Foundation, July 19, 2012; "How communities are banding together to create high-speed, affordable broadband access", Slate.com, August 1, 2012.  Paris has a triple play bundle so the $35 covers high-speed interenet, HD televsion and phone.  Every household in the Twin Cities would benefit with lower costs for these basic services.  Every business, small or large, would benefit equally.

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We need fewer unelected government bureaucrats creating lists and plans that stifle our creativity.  Scarce resources are being wasted paying for needless regulations intended to force us to live in "smart" communities that don't work.  Less money should be invested in planning groups who create rules and regulations that hamper economic growth in the private sector.  If we let our elected local officials do their jobs, we will have a freer nation and more opportunities.

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This will slow sprawl and increase property values in the areas that are already developed.

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