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Idea: Trees

Kimberlyh x almost 5 years ago

Care for existing trees and expand the number of trees on our streets and in our neighborhoods. Trees, and other natural plants (flowers, shrubs, grass), greatly contribute to the livability of the city.

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Asian carp have already been caught in Minnesota’s waters but there is still time to act to prevent a widespread infestation. Their voracious appetites and rapid reproduction can turn a local food chain upside down. The Metropolitan Council region is a critical area to take steps to stop, slow and control the spread of Asian carp into the northern reaches of the Mississippi River, up the Minnesota River and into the St. Croix. Each of those areas has ecological and economic resources vital to the state and region that are at risk should Asian carp become established. The Minnesota DNR has established a plan to address the threat and the Met Council needs to be fully engaged in implementing the plan.


We need a coordinated regional effort to prevent the spread of Asian carp into Minnesota’s waters.

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While the Twin Cities have great local parks, the Regional Parks (supported by the Met Council) are heavily skewed towards large, suburban fringe park preserves that are at least a 30-45 minute drive for most central area residents. If we are building all these great trains and rail lines, please put parks and natural areas along them so that people can experience cleaner air and natural land close to the development that is supposed to come with the trains.

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Natural resource systems (e.g. wetlands, watersheds, habitat) are not typically maintained with a single jurisdiction.  Cross-jurisdictional coordination in analyzing, prioritizing, managing, and protecting natural resource systems is essential. The Metropolitan Council is in an ideal position to draw on multiple data sets to identify and map key regional natural resource systems. This information can then be used to support regional and local scale planning.  Further, the Met Council might develop a prioritization or rating systems that identifies those systems most critical for protection, conservation, and/or restoration.

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