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Seniors have limited income but all new develoments target high income with expensive parking and in far suburbs when most senior buildings can be built near retail centers in first ring suburbs and core cities  where  it is easy to walk to ro get by bus.

If seniors use transit cost will go down and more money for other things.Sell a weekly /monthly senior bus pass   and do not  penalize them  during rush hours. Every parking space cost AN EXTRA  $10000 OR MORE

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it would greatly help if starting a business and improving existing housing would not be so EXTREMELY complicated in St.Paul.

The requirements are overwhelming and favor big business only;  it is a powerful " good old boys" network,  super-regulted and deterring many people do go to other places.  We need REFORM !!!

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Erika Sanders over 5 years ago

Housing opportunities free from illegal housing discrimination and exclusionary zoning or other exclusionary policies.  Housing opportunities that promote racially and economically integrated neighborhoods.

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Idea: inner city

C x over 5 years ago

Create incentives for affordable housing, such as reduced property tax rate for those within a 5-mile radius of the city core (both St. Paul and Mpls.)  Any "gentrification" must include a set percentage of affordable units.

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David Greene over 5 years ago

Target affordable housing to segregated schools and neighborhoods.  We are one of the most segregated regions in the country and we must combat it if we are to thrive.

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How do we accommodate the people who will be born here or who will move here? We can't afford to support sprawl - roads, wastewater treatment, bridges - we need to infill where we can and build judiciously when we must. But first we need to change attitudes about the desirability of the one-acre lot, the 45-minute solo drive, and the infrastructure that supports it. How do we change those attitudes to make the necessary policy changes palatable?

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