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Met Council needs to focus more on Bike and Ped issues as many of the projects that Met council oversees (like transit) rely heavily on bike/ped access.  If met council did a better job of balancing bike/ped projects with transit projects our transit system would be that much more efficent.  Perhaps having a bike/ped division instead of a single 1/4 time employee in all of met council who oversees this stuff.  Met council could take a greater role in helping communities coordinate their regional routes to interconnect better than they currently do. This would also help projects bike/ped projects better dovetail with other projects throughout the metro.

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Idea: Secede!

Stephen x over 5 years ago

It's time to stop wasting our money and precious resources fighting wars we had no say in creating. It's time to save our families from undue gropings at airports from the TSA. It's time we say no to student loan oppression, FBI entrapment, Federal Reserve corruption, a "war on terror" that terrorizes civilians, a military industrial complex that is bankrupting us while our infrastructure stagnates and crumbles.  

By breaking away from Washington's plutocracy, we can make our own way, saving our resources for OUR communities, OUR education, OUR health and OUR prosperity. 

The time is now.

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It's kind of a no-brainer that walking to get some errands done gets us exercise and a chance to socialize with neighbors - both good for health.

But it's not just my opinion. The American Heart Association just published research observing "consistent and robust relationships between more diverse land-use mix, that is, the presence of greater number and diversity of destinations near the home, and physical activity in both children and adults."

Source: http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/early/2012/08/19/CIR.0b013e318260a20b.full.pdf+html

Encourage planning and zoning to promote mixed use!

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Nancy x over 5 years ago

three-day weekends

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Complete the circuit of bike/walk paths that encircles Minneapolis, and extend it to include a ring of such paths around St. Paul, with a connecting link between the two rings.

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