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Solar power should be a requirement for every building and it should be manufactured right here in Minnesota. 

- We could completely or nearly completely move to a green power source and close down all the cancer causing coal plants in the state and surrounding states.

- We could sell extra energy to the state who would in turn sell it to other states and generate revenue for Minnesota.

- We would empower individuals to create their own power thereby giving them more money in the long run. Buying power from dirty sources is like getting slapped on both sides of your face. You're paying for something that you could collect yourself if you had the panels and you're having to breath in dirty air.

- We require people put sewers if they own a house/building. The same rule would hold for solar panels and producing clean energy for your structure.

Let's move forward as a society!

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Maria x almost 6 years ago

With so many natural resources, why are we using plants that create pollution and toxic waste in our state but use resources and labor from out of state? Why not create local jobs and local investment opportunities and decrease our dependence on harmful energy by investing in solar, biomass, and wind on a greater scale, involving the community as key stakeholders? Not to mention, why not utilize local existing companies that manufacture renewable energy technology and make the Twin Cities a hot bed of energy technology innovation?

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