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Lanya Ross over 5 years ago

In the last survey of metropolitan area residents, 95% noted the Council’s role in monitoring water supply and quality, as well as its responsibility for treating wastewater, as important to the region’s quality of life.

So much work is done at the individual, community, and regional level to check and clean our lakes, rivers, and aquifers that help define our quality of life. Do you agree?

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Pharmaceuticals, plasticizers, triclosan from antibacterial soaps and other consumer product chemicals are being found in Minnesota’s water and pose a threat the safety of our drinking water. Many of these chemicals are harmful to human health, even in low doses. Some metro area cities had to install multimillion dollar treatment systems to remove chemical contaminants and this cost is a significant burden to already stressed local budgets.

We need a regional strategy to prevent these chemicals from entering Minnesota’s drinking water supply and policies that incentivize companies to use safer chemicals.

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