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Kimberlyh x almost 5 years ago

Improve air quality through efficiency and reduction of polluting factors from both commercial/industrial (e.g. manufacturing, power plants), and individuals (e.g. automobiles, home energy usage).

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Idea: Trees

Kimberlyh x almost 5 years ago

Care for existing trees and expand the number of trees on our streets and in our neighborhoods. Trees, and other natural plants (flowers, shrubs, grass), greatly contribute to the livability of the city.

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Invest in areas already served by regional infrastructure, and improve access to healthy places to live, work and play for all residents. A key area for investment is the Upper River - North and Northeast Minneapolis - which provides exceptional opportunities for environmental improvement, access to jobs and training, and cultural vitality. We all do better when we all do better - and this area is extremely diverse and challenged by lack of access to opportunity and environmental health.

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Make sure no one community is suffering from airplane noise. The airplane "freeway" idea may be fine for areas with natural corridors to absorb noise, such as highways or rivers, but please do not place an airplane highway over populated neighborhoods, such as Fulton in Minneapolis. The noise should be spread as much as possible.

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Katie x almost 5 years ago

Surface parking lots are not only an eye sore but terribly utilized space. Especially around malls and shopping centers, the majority of spaces remain unused until perhaps Christmas time. Surface parking lots are simply bad urban planning. Firstly, they create more distance between destinations, which reduces a person's ability and desire to walk, bike, or take public transit. Secondly, they increase a city's 'island heat effect' - making summer heat spells worse. And thirdly, surface parking lots increase surface water run-off, which either is treated at wastewater treatment plant (adding to taxpayer expenses) or is dumped directly into waterways, thereby hurting our regional water quality. It is time to move past 1960's urban planning ideas that require x number of parking spaces for y ft^2 of building. I'm a realist though and understand that cars need places to be parked. If parking is to be built, it needs to be vertical, not spread out. Lots, especially in downtown should be developed into housing, retail space, parks, and offices. Let's improve the Walkscore of the Twin Cities by filling in surface parking lots with things people need on a weekly basis like grocery stores, retail shops, and work places. New York City, Chicago, and San Fransisco aren't cool cities, because they're a parker's paradise; they are filled with life and people who are able to conveniently walk to their destinations. Let's do the same in the Twin Cities. Let's make it so we use our space for living and less for parking cars.

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Dave Thiede almost 5 years ago

Many do not use Mass transit because of the inconvenience of getting from the bus or train to their final destination.  see www.muevs.com

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Both 35W and Cedar Ave need to have accompanying bike lanes.  There is no effective river crossing for non-motorized commuters.

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Perry x about 5 years ago

I think a good start would be to elect people to the met council instead of having them appointed!

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Idea: More cars

Matt Saint Germain about 5 years ago

Break away from the collective mindset and secure independence. Promote vehicle ownership and travel to destinations where public transit can't take you.

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stop light rail...poor value

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