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Transit needs density to be cost-effective.  Some of our busiest (and slowest) urban transit routes (Hennepin Avenue) aren't getting the improvements they need to make a really great transit system.  Use Bus Rapid Transit, dynamic signage, off-bus fare collection and actually invest in bus stops (not just a pole in the ground) to create a cost-effective and useful transit system.

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THIS route is fast but have too many long gaps between buses Fill all gaps longer than 30mins at nights and Sundays Sat run 20mins midday .The LRt will not open until 2014  It make no sense to spend $1M in Highland to run the commuter rt134/144 when there are existing high frequecy buslines there.

Rt 94 serves the 2 largest cities in both directions  and connects to many routes so this routes housld be given HIGH PRIORITY.RT 3/ 16 is over an hour commute.

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Frank Smith over 5 years ago

Hennepin Ave from uptown to downtown needs transit improvements. The torrent of cars coming into the city from the burbs makes the buses running along this line slow and unreliable as they have trouble navigating in all the traffic. Whether street car, BRT, or something else, this high-transit use stretch should get some priority over all the car traffic.

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Frank Smith over 5 years ago

Bus and other transit stops in dense, high-use districts need to be better spaced. There's no need for buses to stop every block downtown! The whole point of being downtown is that everything is close together and you can walk places. Walking a few blocks from your stop should be expected to keep the buses and trains running quickly.

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Workers working  in retail,hotels  health care have to spend  hours on the buses on weekends  ,nights, early weekends  have limited access to /from jobs .The entire system have limited services .Too much resources are spend on rush hours for people who have cars.One getting work at 11pm bus will connect at the downtowns around 1215am then another 30 mins transfer will take 90 + minutes just between the 2 cities.Selected and popular buslines need to run every30mins before midnite and start earlier on weekends with seemless transfers in the downtowns and key  locations.

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It's absurd for us to continue building light rail lines that require enormous cash outlays to develop and yearly subsidies to keep them running.  There is zero growth occurring on the lines built, they run deficits every year, and they aren't helping transit get any better in the region.  This 19th Century technology should not be the basis for our transportation system.  It's a huge drain on budgets that will only prove to eventually bankrupt us as an economic power.  It doesn't matter how many trains there are in Europe, it doesn't change the fact our topography and socio-economic culture is vastly different than those failed models.  We need to throw this idea out with our copies of Das Kapital. 

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As I look at everyone’s ideas it looks like most people want an expansion of rail transit or other options. It costs tax dollars and there isn’t much these days. I’d be in favor of a auto registration increase or a gas tax, but we may need more to get the job done. We need enough to cover the State’s share since we can usually count on some Federal dollars.

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These sprawling corporate campuses encourage and directly facilitate urban sprawl, sucking the vitality from our downtowns (Mpls/Stp).

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If buses ran when people used them, then people would use buses more. When you cut a route down to every 1/2 hour, then people's logic is: oh well, it would take longer than driving; or, I'll go to the stop and have to wait there in the dark for 20 min (or 40) so it's too dangerous. Personally, I used to get to downtown Mpls, Rosedale, or the airport in about 12 min by bus. Once they put the train in, they fed  those routes (with the exception of Rosedale of course) to the train, so I have to take the bus to the train, wait in a terrible neighborhood for 20 min or so, and then get on the train. The train is beautiful, but the implementation means that a trip to the airport takes 45 min and downtown takes 1.5 HOURS! Rest assured, I drive, hire a taxi, or get a friend to pick me up. Not exactly what you (Met Council) had in mind! I hope your implementation of the University line will fix some of these problems.

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Kd x almost 6 years ago

If people are to rely upon the transit system as their main travel mode, we need to continue to build out our system.

Also, there should be continuing attention to the rider experience, especially around the experience of waiting for a train/bus to arrive. Too often this can be a pretty unpleasant experience (especially when the weather is bad), which may be a major reason why people decide not to go there.

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