You are criminals representing the UN whether you realize it or not. I said this to you, despite being scared out of my mind. I wish I would have recorded your scowls and frowns. I also wish I would have recorded the knowing grin on the face of the Council's head.... because she KNOWS every word of this is true:

Hello - thank you for allowing me to speak. Thrive 2040 means we cannot build our homes where and how we wish. It means we cannot operate our motor vehicles at a reasonable cost, or possibly at all. It means rising costs for energy, gasoline, housing, food, water, and taxes which will be exacerbated by a decrease in the quality of life as underemployment, joblessness, and infrastructure deteriorate along with the tax base as people flee our inflicted area. They will not come in droves as predicted. The jist of Thrive 2040 is summed up at the bottom of page 43: ""This section discusses four special features to emphasize the strong roles they play shaping how THE COUNCIL wants the region to grow and develop." Personally, I take this as a threat and a reversal of the notion of by the People for the People. Thrive 2040 violates what America stands for - it cedes control of our personal prosperity and autonomy and gives it to a body of central planners. Similar plans have failed in Portland, Seattle, and San Jose. Thrive 2040 is a socialist plan, developed by the UN, in 1992, and called Agenda 21. The goals of Agenda 21 and Thrive 2040 are the same: create regions in the United States of low mobility, high density, welfare-based social control centers, with the intent of destroying all sovereignty from the local level to the national level and calling it stewardship, prosperity, equity, livability, and sustainability. The council has a legitimate role in coordinating public works when they operate for the People. Thrive 2040 has nothing to do with the People, it has to do with what the COUNCIL wants. It has been pounded into our heads for years - "global warming is real, it is man-made, and we have to stop consuming everything, failure will kill us all." We need a rational evidence-based discussion about global warming, and climate change in general because global warming is certainly not caused by man, as the evidence from any real scientific endeavor regarding it shows. So the cause for the creation for Thrive 2040 is a lie. The goal is compliance through fear to get us to accept regulations for efficiency and lose our freedoms at the same time. Restrict your travel, shorten your showers, allow PACE inspectors into your home, buy solar panels and wind turbines, sell your cars, only buy local food. We can tell you the truth the next time you tell us these things - go put out the sun if you want to stop climate change. Finally, back to more important matters - our families. We don’t want our future generations to be born into bondage for the reckless spending practices you social idealists are proposing in Thrive 2040. We don't need 90 million dollar a mile trains. We don't need subsidized housing. We don't need this MET council dictating where, how, and when we can do what we want to do. We don't need this Thrive 2040 plan. In order to thrive we need LIBERTY and FREEDOM.

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adrienne harrison almost 4 years ago

Wisdom requires that we acknowledge the freedoms (in personal choices) that contributed to the region's past level of success & pay tribute by allowing them to continue. Why not allow builders to build what the market demands, provide public transportation alternatives, but still accommodate private transportation to ensure an area's success? For example, Detroit city administrators looked at their high density housing policies - what works and what doesn't; the areas that held their value (suburbs) are LOWER density, and this is what they would like to see more of, in Detroit's urban future. Acknowledge what works.