David Greene over 5 years ago

Hennepin/Lyndale/Lowry Hill is a mess.  streets.mn recently had a great discussion about it:
I particularly like the suggestion by Alex.  A roundabout/traffic circle could create some nice public spaces.

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Xan Cassiel over 5 years ago

I have been dreaming of a roundabout there for years. There is plenty of room for it and probably enough space between ground level and the freeway tunnel to create a bus/streetcar/bike bypass underneath. It would also create a large greenspace in the middle that is actually safe for people. The flyovers just ruin the streetscape between the Walker and Franklin.

Pablo Mones over 5 years ago

NO more freeways, imagine Seattle without the PIKE ST market.They wanted to tear it down for a highway.Portland SF all got rid of freeway in the cities.VANCOUVER have not highway into the city yet this city is very vibrant look like a mini HongKong withover 70000 people teh residents even stop  expansion of old 3 lane bridge near the famous stanley parking

The cities already was devastated by the freeways which only promte sprawl and continue to lose people to the suburbs because the freeway make it easy for people to move farther out with no tolls