Michelle FureMetropolitan Council Staff, Staff - Metropolitan Council admin over 5 years ago

Several groups presenting to the Council's Committee of the Whole provided the following feedback: The region's long-range plan should build in principles of equity and policies should be viewed through the lens of equity.

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Dan C over 5 years ago

There is inequity in the transit services HIghland ,along Cleveland have exceesive transit competing with each other,
SE Mpls


Ply Ave N


Una Roberts over 5 years ago

METC guideline is outdated ,the 1/4 mile  rule for  transit is ok for high density cities and high ridership system  or during the streetcars era.Some buslines such as Plymouth  Ave is redundant this buslines is consistently arriving downtown empty or with so few riders one can count on one hand Plymouth Ave is not a vibrant street anymore plus this street intersect with other high frequencies routes#5-19-22 plus rt14 nearby.

N Mpls have hundreds of vacant homes I sure this route cost over $400000/yr to operate even rush hours buses have less than 10 riders.

Selby Ave #21 services is duplicated with Dale ST #65 .