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The draft 2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan, available for public comment, focuses on enhancing equitable use of regional parks and trails and promoting greater access to the regional parks system through transit, biking and walking.

The plan reflects Council policies in the newly-adopted Thrive MSP 2040 plan to preserve and protect natural amenities. Thrive sets the tone and vision for policies related to the regional systems of transportation and wastewater, in addition to regional parks.

See the draft 2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan (118 pages, 3.5 MB pdf).

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Laura Hedlund over 3 years ago

I love to see apple, pear, plum, cherry peach (yes Peaches trees grow in Minnesota), apricot trees and blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, chestnuts, hazelnuts, etc. growing in regional parks. Food in parks has the potential to solve so many challenges. climate change, hunger, equity, etc. Perhaps one day people could go into parks pick blueberries and then go to a local license kitchen to make blueberry jam which they could sell. It will take decades. The 2040 park plan could include some language about this.

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