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The Metropolitan Council, as the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Twin Cities metropolitan area, has released a draft of the region’s long-range 2040 Transportation Policy Plan (TPP), replacing the 2030 TPP.  The proposed transportation plan reflects the region’s long-range metropolitan development guide, Thrive MSP 2040, which was adopted in May 2014.

It also responds to federal planning guidance provided in the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, known as MAP-21.


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Doug Olson over 3 years ago

comment...While the Thrive MSP 2040 Transportation Policy Plan cannot address all issues and all congestion on highways, it would be helpful to address a bottleneck and slow-down that was created by the completion of 35W southbound and its intersection with HY62 the crosstown. The segment of the crosstown Hwy 62 from 35w east to its intersection and junction with HWY 77 Cedar Avenue South and from the Crosstown Hwy 62 on Hwy 77 (Cedar Avenue) south to the I494 junction is underdesigned for its existing volume of vehicles. I would strongly recommend adding a third east bound lane on the Crosstown Hwy 62 from the intersection of 35W and the Crosstown Hwy 62 near Portland Avenue South to Hwy 77 south to reduce the backup on 35W to crosstown Hwy 62 east. At the present time many vehicles traveling on 35W south to east on Hwy 62 have to exit on Portland and re-enter onto Hwy 62 eastbound from the Portland Avenue intersection. In addition, many vehicles heading east on Hwy 62 from Penn Avenue have difficulty proceeding east on Hwy 62 as there is only a single through lane where it passes under Portland Avenue. Many eastbound vehicles on Hwy 62 east at key times of the day are forced to exit at Portland Avenue and re-enter the Crosstown Hwy 62 by exiting at Portland and re-entering the Crosstown Hwy 62 by driving through the intersection with Portland and back onto the Hwy 62 Crosstown east. Mike Eastling the City of Richfield Public Works Director has indicated that there is sufficient existing right-of way on the south side of the existing Crosstown Hwy 62 corridor for adding a third eastbound lane for Hwy 62 east from Portland Avenue South to Cedar Avenue Hwy 77 without purchasing more right-of-way. Please consider this proposal as a low cost high benefit project. It would save fuel from backed up or slowed vehicles on this route and aid the flow of vehicles heading south on Hwy 77 traveling to the Mall of America, the MSP Airport, or homes or businesses in Dakota County to the south.

For the regional bicycle planning, I would recommend adding a bicycle-way or lane under the 35W bridge over the Minnesota River so that bicyclists could travel from Hennepin County to Dakota county at this point similar to the existing bicycle bridge-way under Hwy 77 over the Minnesota River. Many more cyclists could enjoy the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge if they could access it via and underbridge-way route at 35W and the Minnesota River. More residents of Dakota county could commute to Hennepin County and vice-versa via a bicycle bridgeway under 35W at this point.

Thank you for considering these viewpoints to reduce congestion and add transportation options for the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area in your planning.

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